Reflections From the Other Side
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An elderly man, intent on the restoration of his Victorian house, senses unseen, yet threatening, presences on the third and fourth floors. On the last day of the tale, the man learns the shocking truth about his beloved house and the top two floors.

"Marrow Bone Road" and "The Painted Lady of Marrow Bone Road" are two stories about the same haunting event, told from two entirely different perspectives.

A psychologist and father of four - soon to be five - children, must confront his repressed sixth sense, as well as his long-forgotten fears, when his pregnant wife falls in love with an old Victorian house. She insists that they buy the house and restore it to its original splendor as he tries, in vain, to ignore his surfacing childhood memories. He eventually receives help from an extraordinary source.

A paranormal investigator, secure in his skeptical views, uses modern equipment to substantiate them, until that same equipment provides evidence that defies his pragmatic beliefs and challenges his faith in the scientific process.

A young woman learns, on the very day of her third miscarriage, that her husband died in a car accident while rushing home to comfort her. Distraught over both losses, she battles depression until, wishing for death herself, her life changes in a most mysterious way.

A man is inexplicably drawn into an antique book store in search of one of his favorite novels, The Entailed Hat, and discovers much more about the other side than he expected.

A man attends his ex-wife's viewing after she is killed in a car accident and learns that their relationship was much stronger than he ever imagined.

A tale of love and compassion from the other side, amidst chaos and calamity on the side of the living.

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